Tekamah Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association

We are 100% Volunteer 100% of the Time!

Tekamah Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association currently consists of 30 active members as well as numerous Honorary and Honorary Life members.  The active members are dedicated to numerous continuing education hours as well as refresher training on all apparatus and its tools.  The current active members include:


 Brandon Ackerman (Firefighter) - Brandon has served for 3 years as of October 2014 and is currently on his way to becoming an EMT. He is currently the Training Officer.

George Ackerman (Firefighter/EMT-B) - George holds an EMT-B certification with the State of Nebraska.  He has served his community for 27 years in December 2014.  He is currently the department's Srgt At Arms.

Dan Allison (Firefighter) - Dan was given the title of 2nd Assistant Chief.  He has served Tekamah and the surrounding areas for 28 years also in December 2014.

Mike Bank (Firefighter I/EMT-B) - Mike is the current Secretary/Treasurer of the Association.  His duties are too numerous to list.  Mike currently holds a certified Firefighter I status as well as his EMT-B with I.V. certification.  In September 2014, he has been with the department for 20 years.

Joe Brainard (Firefighter/EMT) - Joe  has recently obtained his EMT license and has served the department for 3 years as of October 2014.

Pat Braniff (Firefighter I/EMT-B) - Pat currently holds a Firefighter I status as well as his EMT-B certification.  Pat previously held the Fire Chief position for 23 years and has been with the department for 24 years as of December 2014. 

Tim Braniff (Firefighter I/EMT-B) -  Tim currently holds a Firefighter I status as well as his EMT-B with I.V. certification.  He has been a member of the Association for 20 years as of May 2014.  Tim is the associations President.

Rusty Braniff (Firefighter)-Rusty has served the department for 15 years in May 2014.


Matt Deemer (Firefighter) - Matt has joined Tekamah Fire and Rescue once again and we are glad to have him back.  In April 2014, it marks Matt's 7th anniversary of being a member of this department. He is the 2nd Lieutenent.

  Jim Devening (Firefighter) - Jim has served Tekamah and the surrounding communities for 44 years as of February 2014.  He has held many positions within the many years of service, which included Fire Chief.

Brad Hawkins (Firefighter/EMT-B/CPR Instructor) - Brad has dedicated 15 years to the Tekamah community as of February 2014.   Brad has maintained his EMT-B status.  He has also obtained a certificate in I.V. and is also a CPR Instructor.

T.J Kellogg (Firefighter)- T.J. is a new member of the department. He has served for 8 years as of March 2014.

Chad Noel (Firefighter/EMT-B) - In November 2014, Chad has served his community for 24 years.  He currently assists the Fire Chief as his 3rd Assistant Chief.

Nick Novak (Firefighter/EMT-B) - Nick is one of our newest members of the department as well as our newest EMT-B.  He will celebrate being a member of this department for 9 years in December of 2014.

Leo Oligmueller (Firefighter I/EMT-B) - Leo is the current 1st Rescue Lieutenant for Tekamah Fire and Rescue.  Besides his current EMT-B status, he also has obtained an I.V. certification.  Leo has been helping those in need for 41 years as of December 2014.  Leo too has held many different positions within the department over the years.

Josh Olson(Firefighter/EMT)-Josh is one of the newer members of the Department. He is currently the Vice President. He has been on the Department for 2 years as of October 2014.


Brian Pickell (Firefighter/EMT-B) - This is Brian's 19th year with Tekamah Fire and Rescue in June 2014. 

Jeff Pickell (Firefighter) - Jeff has been a member of this department for 17 years as of March 2014.

Randy Rager (Firefighter I) - Randy has been with the Tekamah Fire and Rescue Volunteer Association for 46 years this April 2014. He is the department's Board member. He currently has the most years served in the Department.

Darwin Ruwe (Firefighter) - Darwin has been helping this community for 39 years beginning in April 2014.  He is the current Chaplain.

Greg Shada (Firefighter/EMT-B) - Greg is the Fire Chief.  Greg has been serving Tekamah and surrounding areas for the last 27 years as of October 2014  He too, has held many positions within the Association.  Greg is EMT-B certified.

Greg Smith(Firefighter/EMT)-Greg is serving in the position of 3rd Lieutenant. He has served with the Blair Fire Department and has served for 2 years as of August 2014.

  Aaron Snow(Firefighter)-Aaron is the newest member of the department. Congrats Aaron!

Greg Stock (Firefighter) - Greg has been a member of Tekamah Fire and Rescue for 8 years as of February 2014.

Gene TeSelle (Firefighter I/EMT-B) - Gene has dedicated many years to Tekamah and the surrounding communities.  He has held many positions within the Tekamah Fire and Rescue Association.  In April 2014 Gene will be in the department for 45 years.  He has many great stories to tell with all those years under his belt.  Gene currently holds a Firefighter I certification as well as an EMT-B certificate.  Gene is the department's current Fire Prevention Officer.

Kyle Walton(Firefighter/EMT-B)-Kyle is currently serving in the position of 3rd Assistant Chief. He has been on the department for 2 years in January 2014. He has also served on the Uehling Fire Department.

John Wilson (Firefighter I/EMT-B/CPR Instructor) -. John has been with the Tekamah Fire and Rescue Association for 31 years this February 2014.


                      2014 Officers

                              Back row pictured left to right: Josh Olson V.P. ;  Joe Brainard Ass't Training Officer; Brandon Ackerman Training Officer; George Ackerman Sgt-at-Arms; Randy Rager Board Member.

Front row pictured left to right:  Mike Bank Secretary/ treasurer; John Haverkamp Safety Officer; Darwin Ruwe Chaplain; Gene Teselle Fire Prevention Officer.                            



Pictured left to right: Dan Allison 1st Ass't Fire Chief; Greg Shada Fire Chief; Kyle Walton 2nd Ass't Fire Chief.


Pictured from left to right: Greg Smith 2nd Rescue Lieutenant; Leo Oligumeuller 1st Rescue Lieutenant; Brad Hawkins Rescue Captain; Matt Deemer 3rd Rescue Lieutenant.


Retired, Honorary and Honorary Life Members

Jim Grothe

Bruce Ellis

Henry Doncheski

Carl Schroeder

Robert Aronson

Ralph Anderson

Mike McClure

Les Ray

Fred Bacon

Bill Pickell

Jim Lawson

Bob Wimer

Roger Beck

Rick Eckley

Dan Beaty

Mike Johnson

Dan Beaty

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Tekamah Fire and Rescue Association, please E-mail us (E-mail address can be found under "contact us")for an application.  You could be on your way to providing the best service ever.......VOLUNTEERING!




Please bring the application to the monthly meeting which is the first Monday of the month. Please be there by 7:30 to turn in the application and talk to the Board.